December Newsletter

December Newsletter

The holidays can affect people in different ways. For those who are alone it can be a sad time. For those with family and friends in their lives it can be a magical time. This will be my first Christmas without my Dad. He was my second biggest supporter behind my wonderful husband Jay. This year I didn’t bake the traditional cookies, candy and cake that Dad, Jay and I always enjoyed making together. Maybe next year. This year it will just be Jay, the poodles, the cat and I for the holidays and I’m not ready to do the holiday baking without Dad. Truth be told, I think we enjoyed our baking time more than we enjoyed eating what we baked, except for the bourbon cake. We loved eating the bourbon cake! It was the type of cake that after eating a serving you may need to lie down for a nap. We use a whole fifth of Jack Daniels in the batter and for basting the cake. Okay, maybe not quite a whole fifth because we usually had a little sippy sip while we put the cake together. We had to make the cake a month before we wanted to eat and share it because it needed to age, letting the dry fruit we put in soak up all that alcohol! I have such good memories of my Dad, Jay and I working together as a team in the kitchen.

Many, like me, are having “low key” holidays this year because of the pandemic but that shouldn’t keep it from being a special time. Although I’m not baking, I am cooking the traditional holiday feasts and learning to enjoy the simple things in place of parties and massive shopping expeditions. A nicely cooked meal, a few presents under the tree and some time to read a book, watch a holiday special with Jay and the poodles and a little extended stitching time working on my needlepoint are in my 2021 holiday plans.

Whatever you have planned for the holidays whether it’s a gathering with family and friends or a simple, relaxed time doing what brings you joy, happy holidays from all of us at Needlepoint Now. We hope your holiday is full of kindness and joy, family and friends.

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