Needlepoint Now is the only commercial magazine dedicated solely to the art of needlepoint. Since the first issue was published in 1999, Needlepoint Now has been stirring up excitement and inspiring stitchers to work on a wide variety of needlepoint projects. Needlepoint Now educates, inspires and sometimes amuses. It is designed to appeal to everyone who loves canvas work, and is available in local needlework shops as well as by subscription. It is a magazine that considers needlepoint an art form.

Published six times a year, Needlepoint Now appeals to a wide variety of stitchers. Each issue contains projects complete with instructions, features that offer continuing education, tips on technique, current events in the needlepoint world, and articles about designers and teachers. Each issue inspires the stitcher to master new stitches and techniques and to derive increasing levels of satisfaction and pride in work accomplished.

Needlepoint Now is available by one- or two-year subscription. Individual copies may be purchased in local needlework shops. Shop owners may request information packets that cover details of in-store sales. Likewise, media packets are available for potential advertisers.

Needlepoint Now offers advertisers a cost effective way to reach both old and new customers. With a mailing list of almost 10,000 it makes sense to advertise in a magazine that goes directly to your target audience.

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