June Newsletter

June Newsletter

A word of advice, don’t ever ask your significant other to help you move things in your stash room. I have been on a cleaning kick and have been trying to right my recent wrongs of just throwing bags of needlework and sewing supplies in my stash room, I’m trying to, wait for it, organize my valuables. (Key in the music, dun, dun dun, DUN)

Mr. Needlepoint Now made a comment that I must have $10,000 worth of needlepoint in there. My response to him was “Oh honey, if you only knew!” I went on to explain that this stash is a seasoned, well rounded, but mature collection that took me 40 plus years to amass. The oldest piece of unfinished work in my collection is a pulled work sampler that I started right after we were married in 1982. The shop where I took the pulled work class was in Rockville, Maryland but sadly is no longer there. Every time I open the tote bag the sampler lives in, the smell of rose potpourri pours forth and it brings back wonderful memories of me and my friend Lori taking the class together. The shop always smelled like rose potpourri. You can’t put a price on that! The sampler is priceless!

This got me thinking. At that time the supplies for this class probably cost me $25 for the linen, threads and instructions. It had seemed like a lot of money back in 1982 but If I were to buy the same materials today it would cost me easily four times as much. Which also means that with the supply chain issues and the costs of goods going up astronomically with our record inflation numbers, my stash has increased in value probably 4-5 times as much as I paid for it. I’m sitting on a gold mine!

For those of you who only buy one project at a time and don’t accumulate needlework supplies, I pity you. You will be spending way more than I did for your hours of entertainment. For those of you who have a sizable stash, count your blessings. Your investment in your future will be paying off as supply dwindles and costs sore! My advise is to go fearlessly into your local shops and buy the projects that appeal to you. In 40 years, you will thank me for telling you this. Your welcome.

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