April Newsletter

Spring glorious Spring! How I love this season. The flowers are starting to bloom and the trees are budding out although we are having our typical rainy Spring here in Oregon. But you will see in the May/June issue that we have flowers on our brains. The front cover is graced with a piece that I have loved ever since it was first introduced, Daisy by Dream House Ventures. I  purchased this canvas years ago and was thrilled when Karen Chrissinger of What‘s the Point in Dublin, Ohio offered me the stitch guide to publish. Karen’s guide is much more creative than what I was thinking of stitching for this piece. I feel like I scored one for the subscribers but also one for me!

Connie Camp of Nashville Needleworks is featured on the back cover with Blue Floral and Yellow Pear Vases, two of Love You More’s designs. I don’t know if I could stitch just one of these designs. They are simple but oh so elegant. The teal and brown  palette used adds to the simple elegance of the designs.

For our counted design fans, we have a beautiful geometric by Freda’s Fancies called Just Four Threads. As the name says, she uses just four threads to create her design. The colors are rich and you would swear there are more than four threads used. Freda uses both overdyed and solid dyed threads to give the illusion of many threads being used.

Ada Hayden of EyeCandy Needleart never fails to deliver a bright, cheerful piece and Birdcage Heart is no exception. A bright little canary is sitting in her gold gilded cage singing to her hearts content.

In the May/June issue we finish up the series of Bright Funky Menorah by Kate Dickerson with a guide by Donna Brandeis LaGanga. Not being Jewish myself, I still love the creativity these two women put into this unique design with separate flames that can be added each night of Hanukkah and am tempted to stitch it just because it is a fun design that uses both bright colors and interesting stitches.

Have you ever heard of Vegan Taxidermy? I hadn’t until I heard about a woman who lives near me who finds old, discarded needlepoint and uses  it to make three-dimensional animals. I love the thought of needlepoint being repurposed. I would also love to have one of her fabulous animals in my home. They are wonderful statement pieces.

This week I’m getting my ducks in line so I can be out of the office for a few weeks as my partner Jeremy Hamilton and I finally get to lead one of our needlework tours of Europe. We have had to postpone these tours for two years and are so excited to get to gather our friends and fellow stitchers together to see the sites in Paris, London and Scotland. We have castles to see, museums to browse, shopping to do, restaurants to dine in, and needlework classes to take. It is always a good time when on one of our tours. Speaking of which, if you wanted to go on a tour with us but have been worried about covid travel restrictions as mask mandates have been lifted on airlines due to the decline in the virus, we have two new tours scheduled that you may want to consider. The 2022 Circumnavigation Tour of Ireland is October 16-29, 2022 and we are currently putting together our 2023 Spring tour, Exploring the Georgian Era that is April 16-29, 2023.

For more information on both tours visit our website, www.needlepointnow.com and click on tours.

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