February Newsletter


Well, our first issue is out and though we had a few technical issues, we are happy to say many people are stitching. Not bad for a Special Ed teacher, Hospital Administrator, and a Fashion House wholesaler. We thank everyone who was so supportive to us and the magazine. We loved and appreciated getting the wonderful emails and notes.
The Layers of Leaves wreath, design by Kam Wenzloff, has taken off across the country. It is so much fun to see the leaves come to life in so many colorways. People are being creative too! Last weekend, The Edwardian Needle in New Jersey had their first meet, and one stitcher was doing each stitch in a different dreidel. Seeing how each person prepares their canvas space has been fun too, some do one on a canvas, others are doing rows of leaves and in many cases, multiple leaves are on a square canvas. Isn’t it wonderful how stitchers are sharing and supporting each other? Shops and stitchers across the country are showing the true meaning of community and proving what we have always believed…needlepointers are a supporting, non-judgmental and a great group of people from all walks of life. We are a fortunate group.
March-April 2023 is being proofread by a variety of stitchers as we speak. Each issue goes through a process. Each writer and stitch guide writer sees and approves the charts and content before it goes to the next three rounds of proofing. A special thank you to our contributors for submitting and reviewing the pieces prior to print.
This next issue is chock filled with pieces. Our hope is that we touch upon pieces that interests a variety of our stitchers. The cover is a Judi & Co. piece called A Daisy a Day. The stitch guide writing is from Stitches by the Sea’s Karen, Lila and of course Judi. Layers of Leaves, by Kam Wenzloff, part two is in this issue and you will be given the next ten leaves to stitch. KC Needlepoint brings Thorn Alexanders Butterflies to life in this issue as well. Looking for whimsy? Painted Pony’s Umbrella Girl will surely make you smile. She is stitch guided by Pam at The Edwardian Needle along with avid stitcher Holly Gold. Luis Nunez delights us once again with another piece of his called Starburst which is filled with color and technique. Added to this issue is also the popular Rachel Barri clutch design, same canvas different guides. Our pieces wrap up with four Bargello designs which are done in coaster size. Once you get the pattern and do these coasters, you can take that design to anything from painted canvases to creating larger pillows or footstools. These pieces this issue made us smile and we hope they do the same to you all as well.
Tony’s Take on Techniques is back; I am sure you are all looking forward to hearing what Tony has to say. Stitching with Confidence with Ellen Johnson supports us always as stitchers with a specific stitch being highlighted. Timmy Schultz is back with My Favorite Things, food and stitching a perfect combination. Adding Dimension with Anne Stradal is a must read. This issue will also highlight a NYC needlepoint icon, Rita Klein, who passed away a few months ago. Ken Thompson writes about her life and impact on our needlepoint community. Everyone in our community is welcome to share their talents and skills. Write something you think will interest our audience. So many in our community have things to share.
December and January were busy months for us. Getting the magazine out, making sure everyone got their magazines, and ensuring shops had issued to hold their clubs kept us busy but personally we have been busy as well. I have been preparing for my son and his fiancé’s engagement party, Karen has been spending time with her grandson and enjoying every minute and looking forward to the newest addition to her family arriving, and Marisa is on her honeymoon finally and filling our social media with highlights of a much deserved get away. All good things in our lives. Through it all we all squeeze in needlepoint time. Could we ask for anything more?
The next few months are busy ones. We are starting our notebook class to promote stitching for all in February. Each session will teach stitches and where to use them and at the end of the session you have a wonderful resource of stitches to draw from as you stitch. April 1st is our first Stitch In to be held in Broad Channel, Queens. It is tucked away at a yacht club overlooking Jamacia Bay. The day will be filled with food and drinks, give-a-ways, shops will be present, and a day with friends who are like family stitching. Join in the fun! Go to www.needlepointnow.com to register yourself.
Check out our website, there you will find resources, information of what is going on with Needlepoint Now and we now offer digital subscriptions. Remember to send in pictures of Needlepoint Now pieces you have done…. we want to showcase them as well as your leaves.

Amazing things happen when we work together and help each other out.

Until next time,
Andrea, Marisa, and Karen

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