Teaching Points

Each magazine we will list all the teaching points from that issue for quick reference.

January / February Issue:

 TP – Please note that throughout: The stitches are numbered to provide the long pull on the back of the canvas to preserve the integrity of each stitch.

TP – Be sure to complete each row before laying the thread for the next row.

TP – As a general rule, when using pattern stitches…make a note of the relationships within the pattern… as an additional tool and check.

TP – LAYING TOOL  –  A laying tool is used with stranded threads, ribbon, or other embroidery threads when a smooth, flat finish is desired.

TP – NEEDLE MINDER – It’s a good idea to remove your needle from your project when you are not stitching to prevent unsightly holes that can stretch your fabric. You can “park it” on a magnetic needle minder to hold your needle safely close by.

TP – STITCH COMPENSATION – Also known as fractional stitches and partial stitches, refers to a section of a stitch made when the area to be stitched is too small to fill an area in its entirety.

TP – Blending thread is when the needle is threaded with two colors of thread to give a more subtle color shading. To create unique beautiful designs you can combine strands of different threads