September/October 2018


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The out of stock print edition of September/October 2018 is available digitally. Click here to view this digital issue.


  • Elizabeth’s Musings
  • Raoul & Rosina: Canvas by Love You More, Stitch Guide by Sherry Lee Bray
  • Coco Fashion: Canvas by Zecca; Stitch Guide by Joyce Gresh
  • Fall Colors Candy Corn by Pat Mazu
  • Winter Fireworks by Susan Heider
  • All That Glitters: Part 2 by Kurdy Biggs of Threedles
  • White Star Ornament by Timmy Schultz
  • The Hanukkah Family, Part Two: Canvas by Kathy Schenkel, Stitch Guide by Donna Brandeis LaGanga
  • Nativity Triptych Part 3: Canvas by Strictly Christmas and Et Cetera, with Stitch Guide by Patricia Sone, Frame by Deux Bijoux Bijoux
  • Color Bonanza Part 3 by Marnie Ritter


  • From the Judge’s Corner by Connie Lynn Borserine
  • Making It Simple by Anne Stradal
  • Details That Make A Difference By Marion Scouler
  • Elizabeth’s Bookshelf by Elizabeth Bozievich
  • Simply Stitches by Mary Legallet
  • Using Common Stitches in Uncommon Ways by Ann Strite-Kurz
  • Down The Rabbit Hole by Coni Rich