November/December 2012


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  • A note from Elizabeth
  • Santa’s Tray by Debbie Rowley
  • The First Thanksgiving canvas designs by NeedleDeeva, stitch guides by Vicky De Angelis
  • Wildflower Sonnet by Carlene Harwick
  • Spring Garden Biscornu by Ada Haydon
  • Mercury Cross and Finial by Ann Wheat Pace
  • Everyone Loves Cookies! by Renee Frank
  • Kelly Clark’s Twelve Days of Christmas: Part 6 by Susan Portra


  • Finishing Made Easy by Funda Scully
  • From the Judge’s Corner by Connie Lynn Borserine
  • Playing With Stitches by Carole Lake and Michael Boren
  • Making It Simple by Anne Stradal
  • What’s New? What’s Hot? by Kathy Paterson and Vicky De Angelis
  • Bookshelf by Elizabeth Bozievich
  • Using Common Stitches in Uncommon Ways by Ann Strite-Kurz
  • Down the Rabbit Hole by Coni Rich


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