Wish you all a very happy holiday season

Wish you all a very happy holiday season

Christmas always sneaks up on me. I know that sounds crazy seeing that the November/December issue has been out for over a month, but it’s true. As soon as one issue is complete, I start on the next and you will be happy to know that the January/February issue was sent to the printer last week, the proofs came back and were approved, and the magazine will be shipping soon.

I’m alone in the office, Carol just left and Jaime and D’Ann both took the day off. After I write this short note and sign out, I’m locking the door and heading home to start preparing for my holiday. I have to get the roast in the oven and start prepping the side dishes for our Christmas Eve feast that we traditionally spend with our bicycling friends, Richard and Carol.

I wish each and everyone of you a festive holiday season. Here is just a peak at the January/February issue that is heading your way.

JF15 Front Cover


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