The Nov/Dec issue is at the printer

The Nov/Dec issue is at the printer

ND13 Front CoverThe November/December issue of Needlepoint Now was sent to the printer. It will mail the first of November so you should have it before November 29th. If not, please call the office at (541) 935-0238 and we will send you a replacement copy.

This is our largest issue yet and it is packed with projects and articles. There are not one, not two, but three Santa’s in this issue. We have the Holly and Ivy Santa by Curtis Boehringer. This piece was so much fun to stitch, even if we were working on a deadline! Thanks again to all my pals who helped me in a pinch so I could get this piece ready for this issue. If you like this piece, you can have your shop contact Curtis between 10 and 5 EST at (216) 381-2485, or email him at to order your canvas.

Next we have the amazing Holly St. Nicholas by Joan Eidman. This Santa was inspired by iconic images of the saint who was born Greek in the 4th century and became the Bishop of Myra in what is now Turkey. There are three in Joan’s St. Nicholas series and we will present each one.

Carol Travis has shared her Roly Poly Santa Mike with us. This little guy just makes you smile and is a true joy to stitch.

I would tell you more but it is getting late and I have a early flight tomorrow. I am traveling to China but this time I’m taking my husband Jay. I haven’t packed a thing and Jay is getting worried…

Enjoy this issue. It’s our best one yet!


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