The loss of two friends

My heart is in pain from the loss of two dear stitching friends within a three week period of time. Both died from ovarian cancer. Both were long-time friends.

Nancy Schaffer was one of the first stitching friends that I made when I moved to Eugene, OR 22 years ago. She and her friend Sharon invited me to join the Willamette Chapter of ANG. The meetings were held in Albany, OR back then. An hour drive from Eugene. Several of us took turns driving to the meetings, chattering the whole way up and back, getting to know each other and becoming good friends. Nancy and I had so much in common, our love of needlepoint, knitting, travel and reading. We went to stitching retreats together, took classes together, started a book club together. She was a member of my tribe, as I like to refer to my needlepoint family. We spoke the same language. We clicked.

Nancy passed away on August 17th after a long battle with ovarian cancer and I miss her. I miss her practical view on life, calm voice of reason, her smile and her laugh. Her ability to see the best in others.

This week I learned of the death of Beth Robertson. A long-time friend and mentor, my teacher, a contributor to the magazine. I am thankful that Beth’s battle with cancer was short although the suddenness of her death stunned me as it did all of her family and friends. I had just talked to her on the phone two weeks ago. She called to tell me that she wasn’t feeling well and would not be able to attend the ANG Seminar. At that time she didn’t know what the problem was but felt sure that her doctors were close to figuring it out and she would be fine soon. The progress report that was shared at seminar was hopeful.

Once home, on Monday morning, I receive the news that Beth had died. I am overwhelmed with sadness and having a hard time coming to terms with her death. I am sad thinking about her family and her dogs missing her, her friends and her students missing her.

I miss my friends and I am sad.


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