November/December 2016


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Elizabeth’s Musings
Gingerbread House With Snowman, Part Three by Julie Mar & Friends
Thank You for Your Service Canvas by CanvasWorks, Stitch Guide by Donna Brandeis LaGanga and Elizabeth Bozievich
The Christmas Tree Challenge Design by Suzanne Gegna
Shy Snowman Canvas by Pepperberry Designs, Stitch Guide by Timmy Schultz
Medallions by Pat Mazu
Santa Ornament by Dianne Matthew
Oh Christmas Tree by Bette Elovitz
Special Baby Carriage Canvas by The Princess and Me, Stitch Guide by Cynthia Thomas
Fuchsia Christmas Bell by Susan Portra
Christmas Stamp by Heidi Ferguson


Making It Simple by Anne Stradal
Needlepoint Wow! by Cara Sue Richard and Alisa Richard Levin
Details That Make a Difference by Marion Scoular
Classic Books by Marianne Goodman
What’s New? What’s Hot? by Vicky De Angelis
Elizabeth’s Bookshelf by Elizabeth Bozievich
Using Common Stitches in Uncommon Ways by Ann Strite-Kurz
Down the Rabbit Hole by Coni Rich