May/June 2013


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  • A note from Elizabeth
  • Church Ladies Design by Judi & Co., Stitch Guide by Jamie Prosser and Natasha Higgins
  • Anasazi Song by Carole H. Lake and Michael L. Boren of StitchPlay Designs
  • Fancy Blue Fish Design by Melissa Shirley, Stitch Guide by Kathy Kulesza
  • Gentle Whisper by Patricia Hartman
  • Spring Garden Floss Tag by Ada Haydon
  • Tulips by Merrilyn Heazlewood
  • Enablers Anonymous by Vicky De Angelis
  • The Society for the Prevention of Unfinished Needlepoint (SPUN) by June Russell-Chamberlin Download Article as a PDF
  • School Girl Embroideries of the 17th Century—Canvas Work
  • Cabinets of Curiosities by Dr. Tricia Wilson Nguyen


  • Finishing Made Easy by Funda Scully
  • Playing With Stitches by Carole Lake and Michael Boren
  • Making It Simple by Anne Stradal
  • From the Judge’s Corner by Connie Lynn Borserine
  • Elizabeth’s Bookshelf
  • Using Common Stitches in Uncommon Ways by Ann Strite-Kurz
  • Down the Rabbit Hole by Coni Rich


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