May/June 2009


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  • Normandy Fuschia Topiary by Kelly Clark
  • Ode to Callaway by Marnie Ritter
  • Butterfly Contest by Joyce Lukomski
  • The Bold and the Beautiful Bargello by Liz Morrow
  • Joy of the Painted Canvas by Rosalyn Cherry-Soleil
  • Possibilities by Judy Harper


  • What’s new? what’s hot? by Kathy Paterson
  • From the Bookshelf by Suzanne Howren
  • Jody’s Needlepoint Network… A New Way To Connect by Jody Williamson-Valentine
  • The Basics by Patricia Parra
  • Blogging by Needlepoint Now Staff
  • Meet the Spinster Stitcher by Coni Rich


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