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2018 Wild West UK Tour – First Payment (Deposit)


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    $7,800.00 USD each

    $7,300.00 USD each

Join Jeremy and Elizabeth on this fully-guided, 11-day, exclusive tour of England’s beautiful historical sites, museums, gardens, and picturesque West Coast. Take classes at the Royal School of Needlework, a felting class from Lizzie Houghton and more.

The maximum number of people we can take on the tour is 24 and it’s first come first serve.

Single Occupancy Room – $7,800.00 USD each
Double Occupancy Room – $7,300.00 USD each

To secure your spot, complete the fields below and add this item to your cart. When we have received your deposit payment of $2500 and the completed information contained in the form below, your spot will be officially reserved.

Deposit Amount: $2,500 USD