Notebook Class 1

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Offset Diagonal Pairs—

Over 2 threads

Small stitches

Diagonal stitch

Use 1 or 2 thread colors.


Brick Stitch Trifecta

Over 2 

Stitch horizontally

Straight stitch

Use two threads

Cross stitch over 1—can be also a horizontal lines


Algerian Eye Variation

Over 2 stitches

Over 3 Stitches

Put in all spokes first to assist in getting your motif in correctly.

Thin thread works best

Note:  Share holes with one eyelet to the other.

Cross stitch over 2 can be anything.  Cross stitch, Smyrna, tied cross,  bead


Slashed Gobelin with small Smyrna

The long stitch is laid first—up one…over 6 threads

Stitch vertically installing the long threads. Great with sparkle thread

The diagonal stitches are over 2 threads.  

Alternate the diagonal stitches on each column

The long stitches on every other row sit in between the first row middle.

Smyrna can also be a cross stitch, tied cross,  bead


Framed Hungarian

Over 4, over 6, over 4 stitches in motif

Stitch horizontally

Over 4’s share a hole with the next rows over 4’s 

Skip a column in between each motif when moving horizontally

Frame out over 2 –thin thread or will be too bulky

Think of turning this stitch horizontally


Darling Stitch

Over 2 

Tight stitch—use lighter thread

Work this stitch diagonally….be sure to get your long run area in first.  This will help to get the rest of your pattern in.

Tent stitch can be optional or in a different thread

Starry Night Stitch

Eyelet stitch

Over 4 and over 2

Put in four key spokes first.  

Thin thread when doing this to not have a mess in shared hole

Cross can be a cross, cross stitch, bead.

This design can be spread farther apart as well.


Single line Herringbone

This stitch only needs one canvas thread.  

Gobelin stitch is over 2 

Wrap second stitch under thread line and go up and over 2 

This stitch can be made larger to fit a larger space as well

Thinner thread…or wrap around will look like a blob


Straight Sweep

Over 2, over 4 OR over 2, over 8 (larger areas)

Straight stitch

Shows movement

Stitch can be placed closer together to have less open look.  

No heavy threads

Great for sky, water, sand