Digital November/December 2014

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  • A Note From Elizabeth
  • Front Cover: Olivia Ostrich by Terry Dryden
  • Back Cover: Beaded Heart Banner by Nancy Cucci
  • Barbara Bergsten by June Russell-Chamberlin
  • Tropical Bamboo by Barbara Bergsten
  • Let the Canvas Shine Through! by Carole Lake
  • Sweetheart Purse by Debbie Stiehler
  • Garden Magic Chatelaine, Part V: Finishing by
    Sandra S. Arthur
  • Yoga 101 for Needlepointers by Laura Bowman
  • Using Skype: Internet Video by
    June Russell-Chamberlin
  • An Interview with Orna Willis by
    June Russell-Chamberlin
  • Mystery Needlepoint by June Russell-Chamberlin


  • Possibilities by Judy Harper
  • Jody Williamson-Valentine’s Needlepoint Network
  • Around Town, Noteworthy Happenings in Needlepoint
  • Down the Rabbit Hole by Coni Rich


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