Date Changes for 2021 Tours

Since Covid-19 has decided to stick around a little longer, we have had to postpone our April 2021 Tour of Two Cities and Off the Beaten Path until October 2021. In the United States, they are predicting that everyone should have been vaccinated by June or July. The vaccines are rolling out a little faster in Europe. According to Travel & Leisure Magazine, the borders will be open, and travel should feel more normal by Labor Day. To gain entry into France and the United Kingdom, and then back home again, you will have to have proof of vaccination.

Jeremy and I are in a waiting phase of the tour planning because much of France and the United Kingdom is still shut down. We have deposits on some classes and hotel rooms, but we can’t continue to book until businesses open up again. The good news is that much of our itinerary has been secured for both of our 2021 tours, and we hope that we will be able to work on our 2022 tour itinerary for Ireland soon.

The Tale of Two Cities and Off the Beaten Path itineraries can be seen on our website and we will post updates as soon as we have them. We are currently taking sign-ups for the 2021 tours. We will start taking sign-ups for the 2022 tour this spring.

I can tell that people are looking forward to getting out and traveling again because the tour sign-ups are coming in steady. If you have been thinking of joining us the time to act is soon before we fill up. If the tour is postponed or canceled due to Covid or some other National Disaster, your money will be refunded minus any credit card fees we incur. The best plan is to pay by check, that way no fees are incurred.

We pride ourselves on the services we offer our guests. From the moment you arrive in the United Kingdom, we take care of you starting with picking you up at the airport and taking you to the hotel. Everything is included in the tour price except airfare, alcohol, and a few lunches here and there. We hope you will join us. We look forward to showing you the sites.

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